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I started out taking photos for $1 each on campus in undergrad.

I had no idea it would grow into all of this.

Although we started in 1988 solely creating individual portraits of young people, we quickly moved into weddings within the first 3 years. By 1995 we were averaging over 25 weddings per year. Having achieved that goal we also began covering more corporate events, including celebrity events and portraiture for public figures. In 1998, we added cinematography to our list of services. Photography is amazing, but there's nothing like capturing the sound of the vows and the breaths being taken between each memorable line....or the laughter during toasts...or the way a couple sways back and forth during their first dance as husband and wife. Be it still or motion filled, we will be there with you for each and every minute, preserving those moments for generations to come.

More than just a team of photographers and cinematographers....
We're a family of artists.


Derrel Todd
Lead Photographer + Cinematographer

A true artist with an unmatched talent of creating visual heirlooms that will last forever. His ability to capture imagery is simply amazing, whether it be destination weddings, on-location portraitureimpromptu studio sessions, you name it, .




Dynamic photographer, retoucher and lighting guru with over 10 years of experience and providing incomparable service and creative imaging.


Lead Cinematographer + Photographer

The personification of ART. Be it photography, cinematography, design and more, her eye for composition and color is second to none.




Timeless...absolutely timeless, and traditional image maker with a passion for creating heirloom imagery.




Extremely gifted photographer with a keen eye for fashion, edgy portraiture, and a desire to deliver only the best.



Studio Manager

Meticulous, detail oriented savant with a penchant for a well run operation...and a world view that invites all to be and feel themselves.

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